The company Terlep develops and carries the tradition of metal processing since 1911. In last four decades we have specialized in making bottoms and heads of the pressure vessels, tanks for expansion vessels, pipe closure and other.

We also offer services sheet metal forming in cold and warm:

  • deep drawing,
  • straightening,
  • pressing,
  • rolling,
  • cutting,
  • welding of black and non-ferrous metals,
  • heat treatment.

We produce:

  • pressure vessels,
  • tanks,
  • heat exchangers,
  • tools for transforming,
  • various steel and aluminum structures.

In 1996 we expanded the business in Ljubljana with the branch Krško. We operates in two organizational groups: Terlep d.o.o. and Kovinarska P & P d.o.o. Krško.