The company Terlep has been working on making the head of the pressure vessels, for more than four decades. Standard forms of ends as a normal floor, a deep bottom, shallow, very shallow, and tank bottom. In addition to standard designs, we also offer forms of outside standards on customer demand.

Production capacities for the heads are as follows:

up to Ø 450 mm in dimensions of standard tube

from to = Ø 450 mm to Ø8000 mm,
the total height (h1 + h2) of up to 2500 mm
and a thickness of 3 mm to 32 mm

designed in warm and cool to da = Ø 20,000 mm and thicknesses of up to ca. 50 m

DIN 28013
R = 0,8 Do
r = 0,154 Do
h1 ≥ 3s

DIN 28011
R = Do
R = 0,1 Do
h1 = 3,5s

DIN 6608 + 6616
R = Dz
r = 0,033 Do
h1 = 20 mm

R = (1,2 – 1,4) Do
r = 35-60 mm
h1 = 20 – 35 mm

Materials for the manufacture of ends/bottoms may be:

  • Structural and fine grain steels
  • Stainless steel
  • non-ferrous metals (copper, aluminum)
  • explosion bonding material

Dish end Litostroj Ø 3800mm

Hemisphere with a cone Rade Končar

Dish ends Litostroj

Dish ends